Color Chart

Mix and match a wide spectrum of colors for your dog collar with name or leash and personalized embroidered message. Choose from twenty different strap colors, including PINK CAMO & GREEN CAMO (sorry we can only offer 19, 3/8″ colors-we have not found DUSTY ROSE strap in 3/8″ width) and 16 embroidery thread colors.

We have recently added Pumpkin (not available in 5/8 strap width) and Chocolate Brown to our strap selection

Every dog ID collar and leash is custom crafted from your choice of 3/8″,5/8″, 3/4″, or 1″ wide durable washable nylon webbing.

Please note our Neon and Hot colors are prone to fading when exposed to full sun on a daily basis.

Notice: We no longer carry Dusty Rose.

Color Chart

 Note: Actual color may vary slightly
Strap Widths
Color variation on Dog collars on strap size