National Dog Day - Celebrating with your Pup

Dog ID is so excited for the best national holiday coming up. On August 26 of this year, National Dog Day will be 10 years old. It began as an idea of author and animal behaviorist, Colleen Paige. Paige was looking for a way to celebrate all dogs with their own day, honor dogs that served others and their communities and bring attention to dogs in need of rescue. In short, National Dog Day is a day for celebrating companionship. Celebrating the unconditional love we give and receive from our furry and loyal friends is so important.

Celebrate national dog day with Dog ID

And so, after 10 years of celebrating National Dog Day, animal lovers are getting ready to do it once again on August 26. In celebration of the 2019 festivities - and after a full decade of doggie days - we offer you this list of suggestions for how you and your pup can party during this national holiday. Show your appreciation for your dog by serving up a day of “fun for Fido.” And for those dogs who put it all on the line for us every day (police, military, first responders and therapy dogs), every day should be a reason to celebrate.

Great Ideas to Celebrate National Dog Day

Visit a local dog shelter or rescue organization and adopt the first little guy you fall in love with. If you’re unable to take in a dog full-time, volunteer at a shelter and let them know you would like to walk or play with a dog, clean out cages or do another small job that needs to be done. According to Paige, millions of dogs each year are exterminated due to being unwanted. Research before adopting, and choose a breed that interests you.

Celebrating national dog day with Dog ID

Perform a safety check in your home for ensuring your dog is safe while you are away. 

Donate food, leashes, toys, collars or old blankets to the animal welfare center near you. Organizations like US War Dogs Association and the ASPCA are always in need generous donations.

Plan for a civil demonstration at a local community pet store that sells puppies.  

Send a letter to your Congressman or Representative asking that they give their support to banning puppy mills and animal gas chambers. National Dog Day can make a difference. 

Give your dog a shopping spree. There are dog-friendly stores and it’s great fun to take your dog out for the day.  Stores like Petco and Petsmart will even allow your dog to pick out his own gift. Treats and a variety of chew toys are available for purchase. If your dog would rather stay in and online shop, as do most people, check out Dog ID for all of the best personalized dog collars and leashes. 

Order a dog appropriate (and doggie shaped) flower arrangement from your local florist, or call 1-800-Flowers and get 10% off by entering the promo code: DOG. 

Celebrate National Dog Day with a party, inviting your dog owner friends and their fur babies.

Spend the holiday giving your dog a professional photo session, then enter the pictures in a dog photo contest.

Buy a National Dog Day T-Shirt and wear it proudly on August 26 or any day.

Plan for an outing and read to kids. Your local library would love to have you come and read to children. Select a book about dogs (famous or not-so-famous) and read to the kids. Prepare a lesson on kindness toward animals and spark their interest in becoming animal advocates while they’re young.

Reading for the dogs. Yes, dogs love having books read to them, as well. Ask the local shelter if you can sit near the kennels and read for the dogs. There are plenty of shelters with programs allowing kids to read to the dogs. It’s great for the pups, and it helps improve the kid's skills.

Help a neighbor or friend (elderly or ill) that needs to have their dog walked.

Hire an artist to paint a portrait of your pooch.

Join a Doggie Meetup group. There are plenty of animal and dog-specific Meetup groups online, and some even cater to certain breeds. Whatever your particular preference, there is a great group near you, and if not, maybe you’re the one who needs to start it. 

Get your dog a new toy ...or three, or seven. 

Create social media posts about your dog. If you happen to already be in this habit (and what proud dog owner isn’t?), find other posts about inspiring dogs and share them with your list of friends and social media lists. Find and join the online dog groups which promote pet adoption.

Book a day for your dog at a popular pet resort. Your dog will have a blast for National Dog Day 

Give your dog that long, overdue brushing and shed the unwanted fur. 

Schedule a relaxing doggie massage at a holistic spa.

Prepare some goodie bags, treats and chew toys, and take them to the local dog shelter, or to the local police station canine unit. Tell the police how grateful you are for the role service dogs play in your community.

Teach Rover a new trick.

Treat your dog to the best embroidered collars and leashes from Dog ID

Make a trip to the hospital or local long-term care facility. These folks who are confined in hospitals or senior care centers will love it when you drop by with your furbabies. It’s an ideal way to give back to your neighborhood and surrounding community.

Enjoy a day at the beach or the lake with your dog. Sand Frisbee, anyone?

Hit the open road. Late summer is the perfect time for a weekend getaway with your pooch. You are well aware that dogs love getting to ride in the car, and if you end up at the beach or the lake or the mountains, he might just love you forever.

Celebrating national dog day with Dog ID

Consider getting your dog a special gift for National Dog Day. It’s too bad we can’t spend every minute of every day with our loyal friends. But you can be in 24/7 communication with him by purchasing a Dog Camera. The technology is amazing. Talk to your dog, toss him his favorite treat, or just check-in and see how he’s doing. The camera operates great and it works easily through your mobile phone or digital device. Trust me, when he hears your voice, he automatically knows he isn’t alone and that you are there for him - just as he is always there for you.

Just love him. Look, we all know that dogs can’t read the calendar, and they have no clue that August 26th is their special day.  But spend some extra time with them anyway. Take an extra-long walk, have a few extra treats on hand, wrestle on the floor, or give them a good brushing. They’ll know that something is up and that your love is unconditional for them as theirs is for you. Knowing they are cared for is the most important gift you can give them.

Any day spending time with your dog is a great day that they will enjoy celebrating National Dog Day

Fun Dog Facts or “Did you know?”

  • Did you know the noseprint of a dog is just as distinctive as our fingerprints? No two doggie noseprints are exactly alike. They are often used to identify them.
  • Are you stressed out? Did you know that petting a dog is actually proven to lower your blood pressure? Just walk your dog and your health improves.
  • Did you know the Labrador Retriever is the most popular and sought-after dog in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom?
  • Did you know that besides National Dog Day in August, there is also Take Your Dog to Work Day in the United States every month of June?
  • Did you know that, according to a recent research study, the Golden Retriever is the best dog to own for attracting the opposite sex? It’s true. The research also suggests that if you want to be left alone, get a pit bull.
  • Did you know Buddy and Max are the most popular male dog names? Bella and Molly are the most popular names for females.
  • Did you know that French poodles aren't really French at all? They actually originate from Germany and the name poodle means “splashing dog”.

Celebrating national dog day with Dog ID

Go ahead and put National Dog Day on your calendar right now. Dog ID is ready to make August 26 the greatest dog day in the history of dogdom.