Monogram dog collar vs Leather dog collars

Monogram dog collar and why they're better than Leather  

In this article, we'll be discussing why monogram dog collars, our embroidered dog collars, are better suited, for your most loyal companion, than leather dog collars.

We'll point out the benefits of monogrammed dog collars vs. the need for metal dog tag ids and explain why our superior dog collars are purchased every day by our amazing clients.

Leather Dog Collar with Nameplate

About Leather Dog Collars

The leather dog collar is typically fashioned from cowhide. The nameplates are usually made of a soft metal. 

Leather dog collars tend to change dramatically over time. These changes occur as the collar gets wet or as the collar receives too much sunlight. Collars shrink and expand through various conditions during your pet's life, leaving a less than desirable look on your canine.

Pet owners typically don't know the quality of leather used when these collars are made. The color options available are usually few: black, light brown, medium brown, and dark brown.

Leather collars can become very expensive to purchase, considering the wear and tear it will receive over time by your dog and other dogs, during playtime. Custom leather dog collars are no longer a longterm option.

unhappy dog wearing leather dog collar vs Personalized

About Dog Collar Nameplates

Dog collar nameplates were intended initially for pet identification.

For many years, these nameplates have been used as a form of indicating a dog's information in cases when the pet was found outside the pet owner's presence.

Unfortunately, these soft metal plates wear out over time. They become scratched, scuffed, and too worn to be effective.

The result, your best friend, lost with their 'best intentions' dangling from their collar.

leather dog collar not personalized

Non-Leather Dog Collars

Alternative Materials for your Customized Collar

Our monogram dog collars, constructed of machine-washable nylon webbing, always look amazing on your dog! These personalized dog collars do not shrink or expand under any conditions.

Our customers have the option to choose from twenty different collar colors and sixteen different thread colors used for identification.

As a bonus, our customers can choose between three different fasteners, not just the traditional belt buckle look. 

No Dog Collar Nameplate Required

The need to attach a clanging piece of junk metal is no longer needed with our monogram dog collar.

We embroider both name and phone number directly onto the collar.

Your dog can now go into ninja mode while sneaking up on trespassers, or more likely while sneaking up on you during a game of hide-and-seek. 

Identifying your dog from a distance

Doggie hotels and dog trainers prefer our custom dog collars for identifying canines from a distance.

While similar groups of dogs are at play, the color of their collars stands out, allowing their attendant to identify and correct behavior much quicker.

This ability to react faster by the caregiver helps prevent accidents sooner.

Happy dog wearing Personalized dog collar