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Our Favorite Dog on the Internet in July - 2018

Dog Id Collar is happy to share our favorite pup online for the month of July 2018!

Meet Lexie!

Favorite Female White Boxer at Dog ID Collar

Lexie is a Boxer from Nebraska, and she is nothing but FABULOUS!

Lexie’s family, the Fosters, weren’t quite ready for another dog, but after they had lost their two oldest dogs, they were afraid their remaining boxer, RJ, wouldn’t recover from the loss of both his parents.

Brendel Male Boxer Dog ID Collar
“RJ got really distraught, he stopped eating and stopped doing other things, and we got really worried because he acted like he was dying.”

The Fosters put out the word that they needed to add another dog to their family, and that’s when Lexie came into their lives.

“RJ’s Mom, Adrian, was white too – funny thing is RJ’s mom was a water baby as well. We think she sent us Lexie because Lexie was born 2 days before Adrian died, and Lexie’s just like Adrian, she’s a water baby.”

We at Dog ID Collar fell in love with Lexie the moment we saw her in the Facebook Group ‘Everyday Boxer’.
Lexie’s love for swimming and being a ‘diva’ are only a couple reasons why we fell in love with this Boxer.
White Female Boxer Swimming Pool

We caught up with her human, Anna Foster, earlier this month to get a better sense of what makes Lexie so special. She’s more than meets the eye!


Dog Id Collar: “Thank you so much for connecting with us on Facebook! “

Anna: “I get so many messages and comments on Facebook about Lexie, that it takes me a while to respond to everyone.”

Dog Id Collar: “No worries, we know she’s very popular on Facebook. We’re grateful you took the time to visit with us.”, “We don’t want to take up too much of your time and thought it would be fun to have a quick interview. Does that work for you?”

Anna: “Go for it!”

Dog Id Collar: “Thanks! Well, we know Lexie is a White Boxer, but we’re curious how old is she?”

Anna: “She just turned 22 months, she’ll be 2 on September 5th.”

Dog Id Collar: “Oh, that’s right around the corner. Does Lexie have a favorite food?”

Anna: “Well, both my dogs are spoiled. They eat pretty much whatever I’m eating. They love everything.”

Dog Id Collar: “It sounds like they’re eating good. What would you say is Lexie’s favorite toy?”

Anna: “Her water babies. Well, we don’t call them toys. If we told her to go get her toy, she wouldn’t know what that is. Everything to her is a baby. So, we tell her to go get her baby, and she’ll bring us her toy.”

Dog Id Collar: “Does she share her babies with RJ?”

RJ and Lexie Brendel and White Boxer

Anna: “No, it’s a game with them. He wants to play with what she’s playing with, or she wants what he has. I buy them both the same stuff, but they want what the other one has.”

Dog Id Collar: “We have pups that are the same way, if one seems to be enjoying something too much, then the other one must have it.”

Dog Id Collar: “Anna, what would you say is Lexie’s favorite activity?”

Anna: “Swimming!!” (laughter)

Anna: “Well, if we’re not home, or it’s cold and rainy, we’ll close the pool, we’re in Nebraska, so the pool’s not always open, but during the summer, especially this week when the temperature is mid 90’s, she’ll spend a lot of time swimming. She usually spends one to four hours a day in the pool, when it’s open.”

Dog Id Collar: “Does her brother, RJ, swim as much?

Anna: “He will swim if it’s really hot, but he’s not as big of a fan of swimming as she is, he’s actually a really good swimmer too.”

Dog Id Collar: “Anna, what would you say, if anything is really unique or special about Lexie’s personality?”

Anna: “You know, she’s very loving, it’s amazing how loving and affectionate she is, she just wants to touch you all the time. She has a lot of personality; she’s just a lot of fun. She wants to love and be loved, yet she teases RJ all day long. She’s just a fun girl!”

White Boxer - Brendel Boxer - sharing a pillow

Dog Id Collar: “Has Lexie had any formal training?”

Anna: “Nope, no formal training, she’s really smart and usually knows what we’re saying.”

Dog Id Collar: “Well, we’ve mentioned RJ, are there any other pets in Lexie’s life?”

Anna: “No, sadly we lost RJ’s parents, well about 22 months ago, right when Lexie was born. That’s why Lexie’s here with us. They both died within 4 weeks of each other, so it was really hard around here and, RJ got really distraught, he stopped eating and stopped doing other things, and we got really worried because he acted like he was dying. Someone messaged me about Lexie, and we drove round trip about three hours to get her, and that’s when she joined the family.

We really didn’t know what we were going to do; we were so scared for RJ because he stopped eating and we thought we were going to lose him too. The doctor came out for RJ’s mom first, and we thought he was going to be ok because he had Rocky, his Dad, RJ is short for Rocky Jr., but then we lost Rocky and that’s when RJ really got worse. We weren’t planning on getting another puppy that fast, but he needed somebody, and that’s why we have Lexie. RJ doesn’t swim much, kind of a grouch, very over-protected.

RJ’s Mom, Adrian, was white too – funny thing is RJ’s mom was a water baby as well. We think she sent us Lexie because Lexie was born 2 days before Adrian died, and Lexie’s just like Adrian, she’s a water baby. When she first got in the water, we thought oh wow, that’s a mini Adrian. It’s just amazing! She gets on the floatie like Adrian; you know most dogs don’t do that. It’s a lot of work to pull yourself up, some humans can’t even do that, but she acts just like Adrian, which we thought was kind of neat.”

Dog Id Collar: “And how old is RJ?”

Anna: “He will be 7 in October, and he is my baby because Lexie is Daddy’s girl. Yeah, Lexie’s a Daddy’s girl!”

White Female Boxer Poolside Dog ID Collar

Dog Id Collar: “We’d be in trouble, with anyone who knows about Lexie from Facebook, if we didn’t ask, the outfits you put on Lexie, where do those come from?”

Anna: “If you saw her closet, you’d think I was Koo-Koo. People ask me all the time if they can see her closet. I tell them, ‘No you can’t because it’s crazy!’. She has a seamstress, and I’ve sent her Lexie’s measurements, and she makes me whatever I want. So, she makes a lot of Lexie’s swimming suits and dresses, although I do buy clothes online too, her swimming suits and dresses are made to fit her. Lexie’s had a lot of interest online about her bedroom, her closet, and dresser. RJ’s not a fan of clothes, that’s why he’s always naked, but she loves her clothes and having her nails painted, she’s just a little diva. We’ve been doing this with her since she was 8 weeks, so she knows to sit still and let her toenails dry.”

Dog Id Collar: “We can tell Lexie and RJ have a really loving Mommy!”

Anna: “Thank you! Fortunately, they have a very good Daddy too. You won’t see him much on social media, because he’s at work while I take pictures and post them, but as I said, Lexie is definitely Daddy’s girl!”

Dog Id Collar: “Well, Anna, we’ve had a great time visiting with you about Lexie and RJ, can we add Lexie’s Facebook page for our readers?”

Anna: “Absolutely. On Facebook, it’s Lexie & RJ’s Shenanigans.”

Dog Id Collar: “Thank you so much, we imagine anyone reading this would love to see more images of Lexie and RJ.”

Anna: “No problem!”

Cute White Female Boxer Lexie Dog ID Collar

Follow Lexie and RJ on Facebook at Lexie and RJ's Shenanigans!

 Last Updated: 8/8/2018

Anna sent us some images of Fabulous Lexie and RJ with their new Dog ID Collars. They both look AMAZING!

Dog ID Collar Dog of the month Boxers Lexie and RJ

female white boxer dog in colorful dress playing with brendel

white female boxer teasing brendel male boxer pet id collars

male brendel boxer wearing custom dog collar with big blue ball

White Female Boxer and Brendel Male Boxer wearing Dog ID Collars with Big Blue Ball