How to Choose the Best Collar for Your Dog

How to Guide For Choosing the Best Collar for your Dog

Dog collars serve a variety of different functions. They assist with safety, create visibility and are more importantly feel comfortable on your dog. With so many options available, it becomes difficult to decide. However, one of the more popular trends today would have to be dog collars personalized.

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What does it mean to personalize a dog collar?

Dog collars are personalized specifically for your pet features the name of your dog and your details such as your address and phone number. One of the best advantages of these ID collars is that it lets others know that your dog is loved and has a home. Statistics show that collars along with the tags greatly assist in returning lost animals. According to statistics documented by the ASPCA, around 15% of pets were returned directly to their owners just because they had either a microchip or ID collar. In fact, approximately 93% of lost dogs are returned to their homes once they're positively identified.

Choosing the right dog collar

Here is a guide to the different options for  personalizing your dog collars:

Nylon Collars

These collars are simple polyurethane coated collars from a manufacturer such as Hot Dog Collars. This collar offers everything that your pet will need with a metal buckle, waterproof coating and the name-plate made from aluminum. The ID tag on these collars are secured using rivets and can accommodate four lines of text. These plates are also fade and scratch resistant. These collars are inexpensive, and you can pick one up for just under $20.


Waterproof Collars

If your dog or puppy is a lover of water or always manages to get wet, then a waterproof collar from The Dog Outdoors may be the solution for you. These collars are made out of a nylon-webbed fabric with a thick and soft polymer coating. This polymer is a fantastic barrier to water and it is also odor-resistant. The nameplate is constructed out of a laser-engraved stainless steel which is firmed secured into the center of the collar.


Embroidered Collars

You can pick up embroidered personalized dog collar from our store here at We offer a variety of neon colors along with broad text that spans across the length of the collar. The collars range in size from 8” up to 20”. These collars also come with an easy to close buckle made out of stainless steel. The adjustable hardware and the buckle are reflective. Some of the colors you can choose from including blue, pink, teal, green, black, orange and purple.


Reflective Collars

Another popular option for dog collars personalized are the reflective collars. These are the ideal collars if you like to take your pet for a walk at night or when your dog is prone to running out of your yard as soon as you open the gate. This is also a suggested collar if you live near a busy street. You can pick up one of these collars from a supplier such as GoTags. These collars feature the traditional buckle-collar along with a nylon band. On the center of this band is the reflective strap. These straps are laser-etched using your contact details and the name of your dog.


Leather Collars

If you are in search of a more stylish option, leather is regarded as a favorite or preferred choice. You can pick up one of these high-quality collars from Custom Catch. These collars are constructed out of genuine, natural and high-quality leather. They come in numerous colors that include pink, red and blue. The medium or large collars are 1 inch in width, while the smaller collars are ¾ of an inch in diameter and the extra small ones that come ½ of an inch. Every collar comes with permanent engraving with the identifying information along with text that displays the leather underneath. While you select the type of etching you prefer, you can also choose fun graphics and font styles. Some of these include a paw print, bone or heart.


Camo Collars

When you own a Coonhound, Brittany, Setter, Pointer or Beagle, and you like people to know that your pet is a hunting dog, the camo dog collars may be the ideal choice. Country Brook Design also provides collars for waterfowl, digital, traditional, forest, woodland, bone and urban camo patterns. The colors for these colors range from blue to orange to pink.


Bling Collars

If you are a lover of the latest fashion, then the basic personalized collars are often a boring choice for your beloved hound. If you are the type of person that loves to attract attention, the EASTOP collars are the perfect option for you. These collars come in various soft colors such as sky blue, white, baby pink along with several customizable rhinestone encrusted charms. The charms come in pink, white, blue or red that you can use to spell the name out of your pup or you can choose from charms such as flowers, hearts, crowns or stars. You can also choose from a variety of leashes that will match up to the collar.


Rhinestone Collars

If you enjoy a bit of sparkle, there is a variety of over-the-top collars from Rhinestone Dog These leather collars come with glittery exteriors filled with beautiful encrusted rhinestones. The pink collars are available in large, medium, small and extra small sizes so that you can turn your Lab or your beloved Chihuahua into a real diva. Even though these collars scream “princess,” the leather offers softness and durability. You can expect full control and comfort when you take your pooch for a walk.


Conclusion of choosing the best dog collar

When it comes to dog collars personalized with embroidery, there are a plethora of options available, whether you prefer durability, comfort, sparkle or fashion. What you should be thinking about when you choose a personalized collar is what will be comfortable for your dog and what will bring your pet home if they get lost.

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