7 Ways to Throw a Birthday Party for Your Dog

Everyone is always looking for reasons to celebrate, and your furry best friend's birthday is an excellent reason, especially if your dog is a party animal. Dog ID Collar.com not only has the best embroidered dog collar and leash sets, but is here to give a few suggestions for how to make your dog’s birthday a day to remember.
Dog ID Collar.com Birthday
Dogs love feeling as if they are part of a pack - being in a social group. They also love to eat and attend a good party just like we do. Dog ID Collar believes your pets deserve a great party and the best gift - personalized dog collar and leash sets!
What kind of party would your pooch prefer? Maybe Fifi is a petite and wants a quiet affair. Maybe Bowzer likes to party hearty and wants to go wild. An outdoor location is best for a party involving many dogs, and especially if they are large dogs.  But if your dog is more civilized, an indoor venue is fine, as long as you remember to plan for doggy pee time. When the dogs go outside make sure all dogs have their cute, embroidered leash and collar sets.
Plan carefully - then watch your dog and his friends enjoy a great celebration.
1. Find a suitable venue for the party
Oftentimes you will find that some American Legion, VFW, and other local township halls will allow you to host a party for your pup. If a smaller and quieter gathering is what you have in mind, ask to use your local groomer’s shop after business hours.
If weather permits, set up a simple wading pool in the yard and invite your friends and their dogs to come for a swim. If the yard is gated, feel free to unleash the dogs and just keep their embroidered dog collars on for safety!
2. Have refreshments
If you’re planning a fancy event, order fish pate or homemade goods from a bakery. And of course, there is a wide variety of less expensive dog treats available for purchase. If you aren’t opposed, even some human food can be put out for this special occasion. Chicken and vegetables work great for special doggie treats. Make sure, whatever you decide to serve, that the food is easily digestible for the dogs. Your friends can tell you what their dogs like to eat or are allergic to.
Frozen chicken broth in ice cube trays makes for delicious treats on a hot day, but beware that they are very messy.
Let’s not forget about providing a doggie birthday cake! You can purchase a mold in the shape of a dog bone and use a recipe for a tasty and safe dog cake. Ideas and recipes can be found online.
3. Plan for a theme
There are many ideas for hosting a dog-themed party. Preparing your dog party with a specific theme in mind can make it fun. Use your imagination and be as extravagant as you want. The doggie guests will love it and the pet owners will think you’re brilliant.
Consult your local pet supply store or groomer, and browse all of the toy and party ideas. You’ll love it. There’s nothing quite like watching a roomful of dogs dressed in party hats and embroidered dog collar and leash sets!
Dog ID Collar Embroidered Collar
4. Doggie Invitations
A dog birthday party might seem like a great event for children, but it oftentimes can be counter-productive. Noisy children, running and playing, can spook your dog guests. Of course, you don’t want to offend anyone, but it might be best to put an age limit on the human guest list.
Also, make sure your dog knows and is already acquainted with the other dogs. You want all the dogs to be comfortable and at ease with everyone else. The dogs should be chewing on treats and not each other.
Do you have a creative bent? Consider preparing birthday invitations. Dog owners will love it.
5. Decorating for the Doggie Birthday Party
Don’t forget the party decorations. Bones, dog posters, streamers and games make for a great and memorable doggie bash. Make party favors for all of the guests.
Take plenty of pictures.
Another idea is to prepare goody bags for all the dogs. You’ll be surprised that party supply stores carry items for your pet parties. A few ideas include:
  • Poop bags (not exactly the glamorous party favor you might have expected, but necessary)
  • Canine cookies
  • Doggie toys
  • Pet supply coupons
  • Pet grooming items (shampoo)
  • Personalized dog collars or collar charms
Retractable leads, however, are not a good idea. Many dog handlers consider them unsafe - whizzing, snapping and possible finger amputating nylon string, when in the wrong hands, can be very dangerous. Dog ID Collar.com carries the most popular embroidered dog collars for you and your party guests!
Don’t forget to provide water for party guests. Dogs drink a lot, especially excited party dogs. Be sure to place several clean water bowls throughout the party venue, and a placemat for the dribblers. Keep a few gallon jugs on hand.
6. Party Games
Games, games, games. Dogs love to play games. And your dog owner friends will enjoy them just as much. Here are a few ideas:
  • Agility- Set up a couple of tunnels and a few jumps in a fun agility course. Which dog is the fastest?
  • Costumes - A costume contest makes for a great and hysterical dog birthday party. Be sure to let all dog owners know about the costumes in your invitation Vote for the best costume, funniest, most creative, etc.
  • Tricks - Have a contest. The dog with the cutest, most difficult, and silliest tricks wins.
  • Musical chairs (minus the chairs) - Like musical chairs, this game will require placing a few mats on the ground. Doggie guests are prompted to sit when the music stops playing. Remove one mat and play again. Last dog on a mat is the winner. You’ll howl with laughter as the dogs play the game.
  • Dog and Owner Look-a-Like Contest - Prizes can be simple and fun. Take side-by-side photographs and laugh at the results.
7. The Day We Gotcha
If you rescued your dog, you may not know the exact date of their birth. But it doesn’t mean your pet should be deprived of a “happy birthday.” Some owners like to celebrate “Gotcha Day,” or the date your dog was rescued and brought into your family. A “Gotcha Day” party is a great way to show your dog how much you love them and help to promote pet adoption. Advertise the party and the special cause on your social media sites and tag #GotchaDay. Dogs are very intelligent, and they love that you found them and gave them a good home.
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Have a great party, and remember Dog ID Collar.com is here for all of your pet accessories including the best embroidered dog collar and leash sets! Check them out here.