Show off your pet’s personality with a completely monogrammed dog collars,leashes, Dog-n-Jogs and other items from Dog ID Collar.

Every product is Custom Made and crafted from the strongest and most durable nylon webbing and pet product hardware available. Mix and match a wide spectrum of colors for your collar or leash and personalized embroidered message. Provide exact sizing information and select a closure for your custom collar creation.

4 Different closures to choose from!
Acetyl, Metal, Belt-Buckle and 3/8 Breakaway

Monogrammed Dog Collars

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Available with all collar closure styles.

Monogrammed Dog Collars and Leash Sets

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Monogrammed Leashes

Monogrammed Leashes

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No Hands Needed!

Dog walking Just got easier, our Dog-n-Jog gives your hands a break

Dog N Jog

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