Personalized Dog ID Collars and Leash Sets

Personalized Pet ID Collars, Leashes & Accessories, custom made for your pet!



Dog ID Collar the is Original & Only, Completely, Custom Made & Embroidered Pet ID Collars & Leashes (since June 2000)


DOG ID COLLAR Personalized, Embroidered COLLARS & LEASHES are all
CUSTOM MADE from Your Specifications!

Replace those noisy, metal ID tags with personalized, embroidered, Dog ID Collars, Leashes, and Collar & Leash Sets
(save $6 when you buy the set) from Dog ID Collar.
For the SAFETY and COMFORT of your pet and your PEACE-OF-MIND knowing that
if your pet should ever roam, they’ll be quickly returned home!

At Dog ID Collar there are no Small, Med., Large sizes…
you tell us the LENGTH, WIDTH, COLORS (collar & embroidery thread) & BUCKLE STYLE you’d like.

  • LENGTH  We ask for a snug-fit neck measurement, taken from you pet’s neck, where the collar will lay, while the pet is sitting up, not laying down. We will add 3″ of adjustment out (example:  a 15″ snug fit neck size will expand out to 18″ without covering any embroidery). Since the collars are CUSTOM MADE for YOUR PET all embroidery will be visible, without being covered by any adjusting hardware and still have 3″ to expand out for comfort/growth (2″-2.5″ on neck sizes less than 9″, unless you tell us it’s a growing pup).  
  • WIDTH (3/8″, 5/8″, 3/4″, & 1″ available)
  • STRAP COLORS (21 colars to choose from, including pink camo and green camo),
  • EMBROIDERY THREAD COLORS (17 to choose from)
  • BUCKLE STYLE (4 to choose from including 3/8″ break-away safety buckles)
  • SPECIAL ORDERS orders for more than 20 embroidered characters accepted in many cases.  We offer discounts on bulk orders, help/therapy/working dog groups, organizations, and NPO’s .
  • REFUNDS We offer remakes if Dog ID Collar makes mistake and send postage paid envelope for return of original product-rare but has happened.  If customer goofs-rare but has happened too. We’ll work with customer on a nice discount for new product and request return of misordered product(s) or refund after product is returned. Dog ID Collar is not responsible for tie-out breaks or chewed product but if you are a returning customer we’ll still work with you on replacement discount. 

    DOG ID COLLARs start at $16.95 (for the 3/8″ wide any length 6″ & up). NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE for length or embroidery.
    We may be bit more expensive, in some cases, but by the time you factor in the extra $$ for what “others” will charge you for (size & width changes, embroidery…) you’ll find  Dog ID Collar products are worth the price and have no hidden, surprise, costs.
    Only, Dog ID Collar, top-of-the-line, made in the USA, quality that you, and your pet, deserve.

Dog ID Collar’s  collars & leashes are the ONLY CUSTOM MADE, start-to-finish, pet products you’ll find.
Dog ID Collars are crafted, in Olathe, KS, USA, by born-n bred U.S. citizens,
from the highest quality parts and materials.

Dog ID Collar is your source for custom made collars and leashes.
Like having a personal, seamstress, to make the perfect collar & leash, for your pet.

Choose from a wide assortment of nylon, strap, colors & widths, embroidery thread colors, and buckles.
Embroidered with your choice of messaging (usually pet’s name & phone number or organization’s name).
More than 20 embroidered, characters, accepted in many cases.
You’ll be emailed if there are question or comments, from us, about your order.


$4.50 First Class Mail

$6.75 Priority Mail

If you’d like SUPER expedited shipping we also offer U.S. Postal Express Mail for $20.50 (not listed as a delivery option and must be paid for separately)-delivered within approximately 4 business days from order date.

***Expedited shipping is available (see below) or you just need the item(s) quickly, please email us Dogidcollar@gmail.com, we’ll do our best to rush the order.